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You Go Girl: LJ and the Silver Medal February 20, 2006

Is this not a reasonable place to throw a method?Friday was not a good day. We had to spend the day reading copy from marginally talented basketball and football writers who were all predictably hating on Lindsey Jacobellis. Then later that night at the bar, while watching NBC’s coverage, we had to field obvious questions from an obnoxious barmaid like “Ohmygod… did she just fall!?” and “Was she, like, trying to do a trick?”

Later, we sat and watched in horror as Jimmy Roberts and Bob Costas, hereby known as the Two Assholes In NeckTies, or TAINTs, sat there and soberly dissed Lindsey for bailing at the end of the boardercross due her botched method air attempt.

We have a couple of things to say to Roberts, Costas, and all the other Taints in the world:

Fuck you.

Seriously, fuck off. Fucking Taints like you everywhere are never going to be able to understand the fundamental premise of snowboarding. Snowboarding is about two things: freedom and fun. Those of us who have been in this sport for a while signed up because it is an alternative way to enjoy the winter outdoors without dealing with the rigorous structure of skiing.

Snow Angels, bitches.We like innovating and progressing, but we don’t like practicing. We like to compete, but don’t care as much about winning, as long as we look good. We don’t like the idea of riding like everyone else or looking like everyone else. We chose snowboarding because we are different and we want to express ourselves as such. In doing so, sometimes we fall.

So, when some Taint, who has obviously never crushed a powder turn in his life, tries to claim that Lindsey made a big mistake on Friday night, we are pissed. The simple fact is that throwing down that method air was just about the only reasonable thing for a snowboarder to do under the circumstances. She’s out riding in a race where she is killing the competition and she rolls over the showtime booter surrounded by a huge screaming audience. Obviously, a tweaked out method air is in order. Even a backside 3 would have been legitimate.

The only mistake she made was not stomping the landing. As a veteran freestyler, Lindsey should have landed it clean, and probably would have 99 out of 100 times in the same situation.

But, shit happens, and one thing is pretty certain: There was no error on her part in throwing that method, and we would go out freeriding with Lindsey any day, in any conditions. You rock homegirl — thanks for properly representing and putting on such a great show.

Wescott Offense February 17, 2006

The ChugachLast nights coverage of the snowboard cross competition was so amazing that we are still shaking.  It had all of the right components of an epic athletic contest:  danger, speed, random misfortune, betrayal,  evil strategery, and TRIUMPH. 

Bob Costas seems like he is finally starting to understand the sport, and NBC opted for action over melodrama in the obligatory athlete background segment, which featured Seth Wescott ripping across the sunny, rugged, powder laden Chugach mountains of Alaska, set to a medley of these live Pearl Jam cuts:  Man of the Hour, Corduroy, Immortality > Breath > Man of the Hour.  Hell yeah, NBC!

America! Fuck Yeah!If you missed the coverage of the men’s SBX, you missed a bit of history — Wescott’s maneuvering in the final heat was part Jeff Burton, part Tony Hawk, and part Napoleon Bonaparte; his charge to the gold medal was an unwavering cry of freedom.  Put your work aside today, and join us on NBC’s Olympic web site where you can watch the men’s SBX contest over and over again.

The women’s SBX will be shown during tonight’s primetime coverage, for those of you who didn’t stay up until 6 AM to see the live broadcast.  Of course, if you happen to be reading anything else on the Internet besides the GR, you already know what happens, but we still think it will be a good show.

Time to floss the bling

Hannah with the Gold

Here is a rundown of the gold medal Olympians Shaun and Hannah upcoming TV appearances. Props to our buddies at the company that shares the same name as the starting ride in the Daytona 500 this Sunday!

Friday 2.17

“CBS Early Show” – Hannah scheduled to be interviewed live in the 8:00 am hour
“CNN American Morning” – Hannah set to appear live in the 9:00 am hour

“ET on MTV” – “Day in the life of” piece on Shaun set to air (also re-airs on Saturday). This is an “Entertainment Tonight” spin-off that airs on MTV.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” – Shaun set to appear

Monday 2.20

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” – Shaun set to appear

Tuesday 2.21

“Martha” – Hannah schedule to appear live with Martha. They’ll do something with syrup.

Saturday 2.25

MTV “TRL Awards” –Hannah scheduled to be a presenter. Show tapes on 2.21 (subject to change to TRL appearance on 2.22)

Snowboarders Ruling the Olympics for USA February 16, 2006

As of 4:00 PM EST today, the USA ranks 4th in the medal race. American athletes have so far tallied 9 medals, 6 gold, 2 silver, and one bronze.

Interestingly, the Snowboarders account for more than half of these medals — 3 gold and 2 silver. Basically, the snowboarders are saving the Olympics for the USA. Hopefully, this will merit some extra good coverage for tonight’s broadcast of the men’s SBX and tomorrow’s broadcast of the women’s.

Doubtful though. We’re pretty sure it will be all short track and Bode mumfording again. It will be worth tuning into though to see Seth Wescott’s charge into gold medal territory — all of the media accounts make it sound pretty incredible. We can’t stress how critical a DVR is in a situation like this.

Get up! Get up! Get Down! Flavor Flav is No Joke!

In our quest to stay on top of our main man Flavor Flav’s drama, we have the weeklyThis guy has it going on! Flavor of Love update.

This weeks episode of Flavor of Love called ‘Intterogitted,’ was shocking with an unplanned double elimination. Apparently, the aptly named contestant Hottie, turned out to be both a liar and a gold digger.

She was even on another reality show called Blind Date where she played some poor joe. They hooked this B up to a lie detector where she lied about everything from her dimensions to her age. We at GR are going to miss her and her crazy ways.


The real shocker was when the ex-stripper with emotional baggage couldn’t get over her ex-husband. The other bitches in the house found out and sold her out lickedy split. With this information in hand, Flav had no choice but to give her the boot.

The Stripper

She is going to be remembered most for her umm……pole dancing.

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