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GR sweet site of the week is….. February 13, 2006

Pandora! Pandora is a sweet music site that lets you make radio stations based on your favorite songs and artists. The big bonus is that this FREE service plays ENTIRE suggested songs that you can approve or reject to fine tune future recommendations. It rules iTunes because Apple only lets you preview short segments of songs. Besides, Pandora is part of the Music Genome Project which we’re sure somehow sticks it to the RIAA. Shit, I just mentioned RIAA, now someone named Ranger Gonzo will get sued.

Want to gain some Web 2.0 steez? January 31, 2006

We here at gonzorangers.com have said that we try to keep it real on the intraweb. Here is knowledge that you can drop down on those techies at work to gain some major Web 2.0 steez points. Now this is by no means an exhaustive list of Web 2.0 sites and applications but some of better ones that the have come across.

Everyone wants to be first with the news. The majority of folks surf CNN or the drugereport shortly after getting their first cup of joe in the morning. That is so 2003. The Web 2.0 way of staying on top of the latest shark attack is Newsvine – a place where users can read, write, and influence the news.

We know that Slashdot has reigned supreme for some time and we still sweat them. Slashdot has a Web 2.0 challenger in the likes of Digg which is a is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and social editorial control.

We LIKE having our friends send us invites to share photo albums of their honeymoon to Milwaukee on Kodak.com. We LOVE the ability to do that plus search for ALL honeymoon photos and tag them with the image management and social tagging site Flickr.

The best named site that we use is del.icio.us. Del.icio.us is a social tagging site that you can bookmark your favorite pages, share them with friends, and explore new and interesting sites.

It is no secret that Google Desktop search sends some information back their to servers for non evil purposes. We like our civil liberties and use Copernic Desktop Search which is faster, has a better interface, and won’t slow your machine down to a crawl.

When you need to buy new gear, check out Bensbargains.net which also has an XBOX 360 tracker. Both woot and steepandcheap sell one item daily at a sweet price.