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Yes Virginia, There is a DC Snowboard Scene October 18, 2006

DC is generally not a snowboarder friendly city. In addition to lacking 400 inches of snow a year and several thousand feet of vertical, snowboarders seem about as common in the area as Goldwater republicans. The lawyers, defense contractors and neoconservative civil servants that populate this town are not the kind of people that can engage you in a reasonable discussion about whether or not the snow in Utah is indeed the best on earth, or whether or not it was a good move for Travis Rice to film with Absinthe again this year. It’s a place where hauling your gear out of a car in March raises eyebrows, and rocking a hoodie causes people on the street take the long way around you, fearing an unking.

So, what is a rider stranded in this snowboard-sceneless town supposed to do, except flop around like a fish out of water?

Monument snowboards gave us a resounding answer last Saturday night by throwing down a huge party at Arlington’s Dr. Demo for the premier of their new team video. The monument crew gave away free decks, had bands perform, and, of course, showed off their team’s new video, which rocked. Most importantly though, the event attracted huge numbers of local riders, including pros like Jeremy “Def Jam” Cline.

There are 2 kinds of riders that populate the rat infested swamps of the DC metropolitan area: Those who were born here, have never left, and just don’t know any better, and the elite cadre of riders who have experience out west and still manage revel in the shitiness of a 3 month season, yellow man-made crud and 600 ft vertical drops. Those in the later are some of the sport’s most hardcore fans; it’s easy to love the sport when you ride champagne powder twice a week. It takes a special kind of love to repeatedly land on your kidneys on ice coast crud because of a poorly cut jump in the Whitetail terrain park and still come back the next evening to do it all over again. Men and woman who ride regularly in conditions like these are ardent fanatics. Monument’s event brought a small army of these fanatics together, and the masses rejoiced.

DC Area Rangers…..this just in….. October 13, 2006

MonumentHey players…..in case you are not going to some sort of fake wedding Saturday 10/13, Monument is having a bash with some give aways. I hope our boys in Vermont catch on to this sweet trend (hint hint). The details are below:

Hey everyone…
Just to let you all know… we are giving away three boards during the premiere. It’s not posted on any of the online flyers, or stressed in any of my messages to everyone. No raffle tickets this year. I am going to post three envelopes around the bar that will contain a piece of paper stating that you are one of the lucky three. The winners will pick their board from the samples of boards that we have. Something different that we have not done before.

So I’ve been telling people to get there at 8ish to hang out, and obviously the earlier you get there, the more of a chance you’ll get to win a board. and not look as funny as you are looking through every nook and cranny of the bar for the envelopes.

This will be my last message in regards to the party, I know I’ve sent alot, so hopefully you can pass this along to your friends. Premiere will play at 9 and encore at 10, so come check out Gel Music and Official perform as well, as they are both in the video.

no cover. just come in, get a beer, and come towards the back to hang out with us.


The spot: sketchy Dr. Dremos in trendy Arlington VA. A DC area Ranger will be there to check it out and report back.

Save Snowboard Magazine July 24, 2006

Snowboard MagWhen we were 13 year old grommet snowboarders making our parents drive us up to the mountain every weekend, we sweated every page of every copy of TWSnow magazine. We loved that shit like fat kids love cake (yeah, we know what you’re thinking- Fuck off, so we were fat too, who cares?) All the full page, full color ads that were nothing but sick pictures with taglines like “If you smoke, please try Burton.” That shit was tight!

Then, we grew up. We actually wanted info about resorts, vertical drop, sweet places to in Europe to ride where the ski areas didn’t slap us into handcuffs for poaching fresh tracks on the “skier’s only” trail. We wanted inside scoop on the latest product and we wanted to read articles on why Matty Ryan is such a fucking punk and how rich Shaun White is now.


Something Monumental July 13, 2006

Something Monumental

We were reading a snowboard magazine recently and came across Monument snowboards that had contact information for the company someplace in the Nation’s capital. Since we have a Ranger in the area for a while, we’d like to know more about them.

Has any of our reader/riders heard of or ridden one of Monument’s boads before? Hit us up with some comments if got any scoop on them. If we hear anything, we’ll report it back.

Red Onion Gears Up For Skateboard Season; Rice Wipes Lefty June 22, 2006

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So screw you guys who think that the GR has been weak lately.  There just isn’t enough interesting crap to be writing about during the summer.  We recruited a pair of new rangers to help out as we descended into our post-spring riding withdrawal, but unfortunately, both of ‘em have turn out to be as useless as tits on a boar.

So, for the few of you who HAVE decided to check in lately, you’ve been getting squatty.  Deal with it, we don’t get paid for this, and besides, this blog would suck even worse than it does if everyday we put up a new post about how it sucks when its hot out, how not riding a snowboard sucks, how it sucks that it’s not snowing, etc. 

Flying Red Onion/TomatoOne dude who seems to be moving along just fine without the snowfall is Shaun White, featured yesterday in a decent article in the Washington Post about his transition from full time snowboarder to full time media whore, to full time skateboarder.    Apparently the dude thinks he can win some shit this summer.  We’ll definitely be watching the Summer X Games when they roll around this August, but will likely be paying little attention to Senior Blanco if Danny Way is charging a giant big air ramp again. 

An even more interesting read is the “Ask Travis Rice” feature posted recently on Lib Tech’s Blog.  Rice discusses, among other things, his wiping strategy, losing his Jackson Hole pass, and a few other important existential issues.  We do really like Shaun White, but seriously, it sucks that there isn’t an Olympic event for best air over a giant backcountry booter, because T Rice would win that shit for sure, and then he’d be all over our TV and newspapers too. 

Alright kids, that’s it for now.  We do promise some more content in the near future — we are working on a snowboarder’s guide to Las Vegas as well longboard review for summertime which may or may not be completed by the fall.  Keep in mind that a promise from the GR is about as meaningful as a wink from a Las Vegas stripper.

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