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Open to be podcastic March 15, 2006

Rangers love freedom and free stuff. This year the Open will be available as a podcast so you don’t have to wait a month for the network and thier TAINTS to air it on TV.
US Open
For the first time ever, podcasts of the upcoming Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships will be available to download at the US Open website. New podcasts will be posted throughout the quarterpipe, halfpipe and slopestyle finals taking place March 17-19 at Stratton Mountain, Vermont.To get Burton US Open podcasts, visit www.usopen-snowboarding.com, click on the podcast link and watch a 30-second spot from the event. To see more, simply subscribe to future updates, which will automatically load onto your computer when you’re online and a new podcast is available.So if you can’t make it to Vermont this weekend to watch top riders like Shaun White, Danny Kass, Hannah Teter, Mason Aguirre, Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark throw down, then the next best place to get the latest footage is the US Open website.For more information on the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships, go to www.opensnowboarding.com or call Burton Rider Services at 800-881-3138.
Final results for the US Open will be posted immediately following the contests at www.usopen-snowboarding.com.

Rangers like to count March 14, 2006

Below are some factoids from Burton on the Open. We know it is a little heavy on the marketing side but we decided to sell out since Burton promised to rename the Jussi to the GonzoRanger next season.

US Open

Count on the 2006 Burton US Open to be the Best in the Event’s 24-year History

Check out the numbers below and you’ll see why this year’s Burton US Open, taking place at Stratton Mountain, Vermont March 17-19, is adding up to be the best event in the contest’s 24-year history.

1 snowboard contest has been run by snowboarders, for snowboarders for over 24 years – The US Open.

2 is the number of all-new Volvo C70 Convertibles that will be given away at the US Open – one car to the best female and male rider at the US Open.

3 is the number of new handset styles (RAZR, PEBL and SLVR) Motorola will have on display at the HELLOMOTO lounge in the US Open sponsor village.

4 is the number of US Open halfpipe contests Danny Kass has won.

5 Burton Open Snowboarding Championships currently take place around the world – one in Switzerland, one in Japan, one in the United States, one in New Zealand and one in Australia.

6 SoBe Sick Trick awards worth $1000 each will be awarded during Friday night’s Quarterpipe contest.

7 current and past Olympic medalists will compete at the Open, including Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Ross Powers, Kelly Clark, Danny Kass, Gretchen Bleiler and Markku Koski.

10 is the number of consecutive snowboard events Shaun White has won this season alone – the Open could be his eleventh.

13 is Burton’s lucky number.

22 feet is the height of this year’s superpipe – the biggest in the event’s history.

35 feet is how high the hand-dug quarterpipe walls will be.

38 is the number of kids from 14 cities across North America that Chill, a non-profit intervention program that teaches disadvantaged kids to snowboard, will bring to the US Open.

52 Nintendo systems will be available to play the latest and greatest games at the US Open.

200 is the number of limited edition US Open t-shirts that will be given to the first people to show up at the Open on Saturday, March 18 outfitted in their best backwoods gear.

250 GORE-TEX® gloves and 100 GORE-TEX jackets are made exclusively for the Open.

373.84 is the number of points top-ranked female Ticket To Ride (TTR) leader Natasza Zurek has earned so far in the TTR World Snowboard Tour, which culminates at this year’s US Open.

420 hours is the amount of man time Stratton has put in to creating the US Open halfpipe, which is 450 feet long.

550cc is the displacement of the new 2007 Ski-Doo Freestyle Back Country snowmobile that will be awarded to both the female and male US Open Rookie Award winners.

848.55 is the number of points top-ranked male Ticket To Ride (TTR) leader Risto Matilla has earned so far in the TTR World Snowboard Tour, which culminates at this year’s US Open.

1983 is the year Stratton Mountain, which has hosted the Open for 22 years, opened its trails and lifts to snowboarders.

2007 Burton boards, boots and bindings will be available to demo at the US Open – six months before they arrive in stores.

3,000 April issues of FHM magazine featuring the US Open special-section will be given out at the event.

$5,000 is the amount of cash Snickers will give to each male and female rider who pulls off the best trick in the slopestyle contest.

7777 Paul Mitchell product samples will be given away at the Open.

220,000 people will join Myspace.com during one day of the US Open.

$250,000 is the total amount of money and prizes awarded to winning riders at the Open – one of the only snowboard events in the world to offer equal prize money to men and women.

28,800,000 gallons of water have been used by Stratton to produce 144.4 acres of snow for this year’s event.

110 million households can get NBC, which is broadcasting the Burton US Open on April 15, 2006 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. EST.

At the top of the mountain, we are all snow leopards March 8, 2006

Careful, man, this is Bat CountryUsually, the articles in ski town local papers are pretty lame, and limited strictly to stories about fat tourists dying and local high schoolers competing in largely irrelevant contests. Everyone once in a while though, they print a total gem, like this one from last week’s Aspen Times about a crew of Aspen locals who set off to build an off-piste memorial to Hunter S. Thompson on the anniversary of his death.

The article reminds us of how ridiculously awesome it is to live in a ski town. Money Quote:

“Should we set off some explosives?” someone asked. An air horn sufficed for the time being.

An American flag was strung between two trunks, as were Tibetan prayer flags. Nearby, a man hooked up a solar panel to power an “eternal blinking light,” he said (an eternal flame in the woods not being a good idea). More marijuana was smoked. The long-term batteries for the light were lost, but the man made do with standard ones that will have to be replaced more often.

We would joke these guys, but shit, how can you? How awesome is it to get up in the morning, possibly on your day off and possibly every day is off for you, and set out to ride into the woods to pay tribute to one of the century’s greatest counter-cultural icons?

That’s right. Pretty fucking awesome. Yeah, you have to worry about being able to afford your next Ramen dinner, and you deal with the occasional eviction or repo crew, but all in all the ski bum life is the bomb.

Injury Prevention Dot Com March 5, 2006

Snowboarding.com is the worst fucking snowboard site on the planet, but we can’t stop going there.  Don’t ask us why, as we know that the only way to be stupider that to be an online editor there is to be one of it’s readers.  Yet we check it every week.  Tonight our excuse is that we’re trying to avoid watching a bunch of self-absorbed yet surprisingly fragile “artists” whack each other off at the Oscars.  A reasonable excuse, but it still doesn’t explain the 35 other times we browsed over there this week.  We must be total idiots.    

Anyway, join us in our tard worship by checking out this article that showed up on Snowboarding.com this week, which we’ve conveniently replicated for you below, with our own amplifying comments.        

Common Snowboarding Prevention Tips

There are a number of general precautions you can follow to minimise your risk of a skiing or snowboarding injury:

* Fitness
Make sure you’re fit to ski. Prepare for your winter sports trip with a conditioning programme to improve core stability and strength. Leg strength and endurance is particularly important to help prevent injury.

OK… sounds reasonable enough.  And we dig the Brit spelling because we like Brits, inspite of their ongoing national lack of real mountains crisis. 

* Warming up and cooling down
Warm up and cool down, just like any other sporting activity.
Before you get on the slopes spend a few minutes warming up and stretching to help prepare your body for activity.

Thanks Mom. 

* Clothing
Wear appropriate layers of clothing, that don’t restrict your movement.

Does this mean no skin tight Lycra?  What about my blue jean overalls?  What about my super huge and super kewl backpack?  

* Wrist Guards
Snowboarders should wear wrist guards as they significantly reduce the incidence of wrist injuries during falls.

Reasonable advice which we will keep in mind if we ever have a severe head injury and completely have to learn to snowboard again. 

* Crash Helmets
Helmets are effective in reducing the incidence of minor concussions during low velocity collisions.

Very loud headphones in your helmet will help reduce the incidence of strangers chaffing you on the lift, too.   

* Equipment
Don’t borrow equipment from friends – it significantly increases your risk of injury.
If you are hiring equipment make sure you hire from a recommended store. Ensure that all the equipment fits properly.

* Bindings
Use ‘multi-mode’ release bindings if possible. The superior release available in modern bindings is just one factor that has helped prevent injuries. Rear release boots can significantly reduce the risk of ACL injury.

Self-test your bindings every day. Self testing of bindings is simple. Step into the binding and then twist to the side to release the toe-piece under the control mechanism. The heel can be tested by stepping into the binding and leaning forward, to release the heel-piece. Both the toe and heel should be able to release if properly adjusted.

Wait.  What? 

* Walking in Ski Boots
Don’t walk on your ski boots too much. It can affect the fit with the binding and interfere with the release mechanism.


* Ski Poles
Don’t put your hands inside the ski pole loop when skiing. This greatly increases the risk of sustaining a ‘Skiers thumb’ injury in the event of a fall.

Yep.  This was really on Snowboarding.com.   

* General Conduct
Follow the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) Rules for Conduct in Winter Sports Centres. FIS Rules for Conduct

Terje is sooooo pissed too about the FIS comment.  Fuckin’ A, we should have just watched the Oscars.  Still though, can anyone explain how the ski boots and ski poles thing ended up in this article about snowboarding?  Drop us some comments or mail.       

A Salute To March March 1, 2006

Fuck Yeah! It’s officially March, otherwise know as THE BEST MONTH EVER.

In most places, it means sunny, warm weather, more hours of sunshine, and the occasional overnight dump or monster storm. March is all about off the hook park riding, terrific back country conditions, and legendary, cancer-inducing goggle tans. Resort towns everywhere will be overrun by the giant spring break party, which might chafe the locals, except that it’s hard to be chafed when your usually sausage infested town is all of a sudden filled to capacity with 18-22 year old hotties.

There’s just too many reasons to get stoked on March if you ride a snowboard. Oh… and sorry for the lack of posts lately. The man has been keeping us down with a lot of shit lately, but fuck him, we’ll get ours when we use about 15 sick days over the next 4-5 weeks.

Comments? mail? Do it up.

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