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The MSM and the Snowboarding Vacuum January 23, 2006

So, the USA got its snowboard team straightened out this weekend. This is a big deal, because except for a few outliers like Finnish Mob rock star Anti Autti, American athletes are pretty much dominating the whole circuit right now.

Curiously, no one in the American media seems to care. If you made an attempt to follow the Grand Prix events, the five part official qualifying series for the US Olympic snowboarding team, you were totally shit-out-of-luck. Your choices were to read the drivel over at twsnow.com , which feels like it was written by a crack-addled Jayson Blair, or to deal with the MSM coverage which is even worse.

For example, check out this article from today’s Post. Not only is it obvious that the Post lacks the budget to send staff writer Liz Clarke all the way up to far away Mountain Creek, NJ, but they can’t even get their facts straight. Calling Gretchen Bleiler “peerless” in the sport is sort of like claiming that the Seattle Seahawks are the undisputed favorites to win Superbowl XL. I’m sure that Hannah Teter, the uppity and irreverent 16 year old snowboard legend and 2004 X games champion, doesn’t feel that Bleiler is peerless. Bleiler may have more wins under her belt but Teter has knocked off Bleiler in a number of recent contests, including the first event at this year’s Grand Prix series.

Given that halfpipe comp was a resounding highlight of the 2002 Park City Olympics, you’d think that it would be getting at least a little bit more love. I guess not, it seems that the media is much more concerned with reporting on whether or not Bode Miller likes to ski drunk. Fear not, though, here at gonzorangers.com we will be tirelessly dedicated to bringing you the latest on the sport as the season progresses. Stay tuned.

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