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Another reason why network TV sucks April 6, 2006

NBC already sucks a big one in my book for their horrible Olympic coverage and sloppy conversion of the hit BBC show The Office. Well now they have even taken another new low with their lame ass show Dateline. What did they do? Well, since NASCAR did not give them an extension on their contract to broadcast the races, NBC decided to let their muckraking Dateline cronies have a shot at them to do an unflattering piece on the fans who go to the races.

NASCAR historically attracts lower class white males as the majority of its fan base due to the origins of the sport which traces its roots back to moonshine runners in the south. The governing body of has proactive programs in place to encourage and foster the training of new drivers from other ethnic backgrounds as well as females who would like to be a part of racing. NASCAR is moving away from the southern roots and moving into the mainstream in an effort to appeal to all Americans. They now even hold a sanctioned race in Mexico City once a year.

So what has the TAINTS at NBC and especially Dateline try to do? Well, they (being the stereotyping mongers they themselves would like to expose for ratings) dressed up fake Muslims and paraded them around the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia last weekend in an effort to bait fans into confrontations. Confrontations that they could catch on tape and show the world for ratings and guess what happened…….

Nothing…….the fans, left them alone.

You suck NBC, go cover some shark attacks or do an expose on why Bob Costas is a critical sports commentator who never played a sport at the college level.


Update:  Apparently, Dateline had actors dressed up as Muslims stop traffic and begin praying towards Mecca on crowded pedestrian walkways in order to incite conflict.  Of course…NOTHING happened….way to go NASCAR fans…

Cohen and White Gear Up for Gold Medal Romp February 22, 2006

The White-Cohen saga continues.  Everyone from Bob Costas to the semi-literate ranch hands at USA Today have been asking about it, and today, Sasha Cohen had a response to Shaun White’s trifles. 

  Mmmmm... Cohen Mmmmm... Gold

“I did hear what he said, but I’ve not seen him,” said Cohen. “I think the skiers probably stay in a different village up in the mountains. But I’ll probably see him at closing ceremonies.”

Note the bit about skiers.  Cohen is either really stoned, really dumb, or concentrating really, really, hard on winning a gold medal of her own. Suprising, given how down to earth and unassming she usually is. 

We are certain of one thing.  If they spawned a child, it’s giant ego would be rivalled only by the size of its crippler 1440s.

On an unrelated note, a new Ranger may soon be in the mix… one who has been lurking in the underbellly of the GR, feeding us vital industry information and is just about ready to step forth and snatch victory from the jaws of the blogosphere. 

Update: Cohen missed practice today… White is still in Torino. Coincidence?

Drop comments below or mail us, bitches. 

They are on a world tour with mic in their hands…… February 21, 2006

Shaun White and Hannah Teter are continuing to bask in the tomato not in flight media spotlight after their gold medal wins. Check out the shows below: (source: #31 Cingular Wireless Chevy Jeff Burton)

Tuesday 2.21
Free FM “David Lee Roth Show” - 7:00 am Shaun live interview
“Martha” - 11:00 am Hannah interview and granola making with Teter family Syrup
“Fox News Live” - 1:30 pm
Hannah live appearance and interview
AOL Sports Radio - 3:00 pm Shaun interview
MSNBC “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” - Between 4:30 and 5:00 pm Hannah on live NBC
“Olympic Zone with Jane Hanson” - 7:00 pm Shaun interview
ESPN Classic “Now” - 7:00 pm Shaun interview to air
Fox Sports Radio - 7:30 pm Shaun interview

Wednesday 2.22
“Fox and Friends” - 7:30 am Hannah interview live
“Martha” - 11:00 am Shaun interview on Martha MTV
“TRL” - 3:30 pm Shaun and Hannah live walk-on

Thursday 2.23
“Tonight Show with Jay Leno” - Hannah appearance - confirmation and details coming soon

You Go Girl: LJ and the Silver Medal February 20, 2006

Is this not a reasonable place to throw a method?Friday was not a good day. We had to spend the day reading copy from marginally talented basketball and football writers who were all predictably hating on Lindsey Jacobellis. Then later that night at the bar, while watching NBC’s coverage, we had to field obvious questions from an obnoxious barmaid like “Ohmygod… did she just fall!?” and “Was she, like, trying to do a trick?”

Later, we sat and watched in horror as Jimmy Roberts and Bob Costas, hereby known as the Two Assholes In NeckTies, or TAINTs, sat there and soberly dissed Lindsey for bailing at the end of the boardercross due her botched method air attempt.

We have a couple of things to say to Roberts, Costas, and all the other Taints in the world:

Fuck you.

Seriously, fuck off. Fucking Taints like you everywhere are never going to be able to understand the fundamental premise of snowboarding. Snowboarding is about two things: freedom and fun. Those of us who have been in this sport for a while signed up because it is an alternative way to enjoy the winter outdoors without dealing with the rigorous structure of skiing.

Snow Angels, bitches.We like innovating and progressing, but we don’t like practicing. We like to compete, but don’t care as much about winning, as long as we look good. We don’t like the idea of riding like everyone else or looking like everyone else. We chose snowboarding because we are different and we want to express ourselves as such. In doing so, sometimes we fall.

So, when some Taint, who has obviously never crushed a powder turn in his life, tries to claim that Lindsey made a big mistake on Friday night, we are pissed. The simple fact is that throwing down that method air was just about the only reasonable thing for a snowboarder to do under the circumstances. She’s out riding in a race where she is killing the competition and she rolls over the showtime booter surrounded by a huge screaming audience. Obviously, a tweaked out method air is in order. Even a backside 3 would have been legitimate.

The only mistake she made was not stomping the landing. As a veteran freestyler, Lindsey should have landed it clean, and probably would have 99 out of 100 times in the same situation.

But, shit happens, and one thing is pretty certain: There was no error on her part in throwing that method, and we would go out freeriding with Lindsey any day, in any conditions. You rock homegirl — thanks for properly representing and putting on such a great show.

Wescott Offense February 17, 2006

The ChugachLast nights coverage of the snowboard cross competition was so amazing that we are still shaking.  It had all of the right components of an epic athletic contest:  danger, speed, random misfortune, betrayal,  evil strategery, and TRIUMPH. 

Bob Costas seems like he is finally starting to understand the sport, and NBC opted for action over melodrama in the obligatory athlete background segment, which featured Seth Wescott ripping across the sunny, rugged, powder laden Chugach mountains of Alaska, set to a medley of these live Pearl Jam cuts:  Man of the Hour, Corduroy, Immortality > Breath > Man of the Hour.  Hell yeah, NBC!

America! Fuck Yeah!If you missed the coverage of the men’s SBX, you missed a bit of history — Wescott’s maneuvering in the final heat was part Jeff Burton, part Tony Hawk, and part Napoleon Bonaparte; his charge to the gold medal was an unwavering cry of freedom.  Put your work aside today, and join us on NBC’s Olympic web site where you can watch the men’s SBX contest over and over again.

The women’s SBX will be shown during tonight’s primetime coverage, for those of you who didn’t stay up until 6 AM to see the live broadcast.  Of course, if you happen to be reading anything else on the Internet besides the GR, you already know what happens, but we still think it will be a good show.

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