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Another reason why network TV sucks April 6, 2006

NBC already sucks a big one in my book for their horrible Olympic coverage and sloppy conversion of the hit BBC show The Office. Well now they have even taken another new low with their lame ass show Dateline. What did they do? Well, since NASCAR did not give them an extension on their contract to broadcast the races, NBC decided to let their muckraking Dateline cronies have a shot at them to do an unflattering piece on the fans who go to the races.

NASCAR historically attracts lower class white males as the majority of its fan base due to the origins of the sport which traces its roots back to moonshine runners in the south. The governing body of has proactive programs in place to encourage and foster the training of new drivers from other ethnic backgrounds as well as females who would like to be a part of racing. NASCAR is moving away from the southern roots and moving into the mainstream in an effort to appeal to all Americans. They now even hold a sanctioned race in Mexico City once a year.

So what has the TAINTS at NBC and especially Dateline try to do? Well, they (being the stereotyping mongers they themselves would like to expose for ratings) dressed up fake Muslims and paraded them around the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia last weekend in an effort to bait fans into confrontations. Confrontations that they could catch on tape and show the world for ratings and guess what happened…….

Nothing…….the fans, left them alone.

You suck NBC, go cover some shark attacks or do an expose on why Bob Costas is a critical sports commentator who never played a sport at the college level.


Update:  Apparently, Dateline had actors dressed up as Muslims stop traffic and begin praying towards Mecca on crowded pedestrian walkways in order to incite conflict.  Of course…NOTHING happened….way to go NASCAR fans…

Time to floss the bling February 17, 2006

Hannah with the Gold

Here is a rundown of the gold medal Olympians Shaun and Hannah upcoming TV appearances. Props to our buddies at the company that shares the same name as the starting ride in the Daytona 500 this Sunday!

Friday 2.17

“CBS Early Show” – Hannah scheduled to be interviewed live in the 8:00 am hour
“CNN American Morning” – Hannah set to appear live in the 9:00 am hour

“ET on MTV” – “Day in the life of” piece on Shaun set to air (also re-airs on Saturday). This is an “Entertainment Tonight” spin-off that airs on MTV.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” – Shaun set to appear

Monday 2.20

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” – Shaun set to appear

Tuesday 2.21

“Martha” – Hannah schedule to appear live with Martha. They’ll do something with syrup.

Saturday 2.25

MTV “TRL Awards” –Hannah scheduled to be a presenter. Show tapes on 2.21 (subject to change to TRL appearance on 2.22)

Bud Shootout this Weekend! February 10, 2006

That got your attention and Nascar is banking that this weekend’s Bud Shootout will do the same and attract a more diverse crowd’s attention to this preseason event.

While none of us Rangers have ever attended a Nascar ‘Bud Shootout,’ we find the name of this event pretty damn cool. As Nascar branches out from a historically southern sport, they have been looking for new ways to appeal to audiences of all walks of life. Nascar hopes to cash in on this new marketing campaign with non traditional fans.

So kick back this Saturday evening (hopefully it will still be snowing in the northeast), gab some beer (as always, friends are optional ) and catch the Bud Shootout at Daytona International Speedway (8 p.m. ET Saturday on TNT).

Update The race is postoned till Sunday at 4pm due to rain.

Dude, where’s my NASCAR? January 27, 2006

With only 23 days and 7 hours until the drop of the green flag which will mark the start of the Great American Race………the Daytona 500, we’d like to try and open some eyes to this bad ass sport. For a while, we thought of…’Nascar as a 4 hour left hand turn’ snobs, very akin to the two-plankers who thumbed their noses at snowboarding even though they never tried it. Unfortunately, we used to be those snobs. That all changed the first time we went to a race. Since Baseball has somehow been labeled ‘America’s sport,’ here is a quick comparison on why going to a Nascar race is far better than going to watch baseball.

1. You can bring in all of the alcohol you can carry into a race.
2. No men in tights prancing around on the grass.
3. Once the race starts, the roar of the cars prevents the likelihood of some tool talking loudly on a cell phone next to you.
4. Baseball is boring. No one ever falls asleep at a race*
5. It is totally acceptable to get up, shout, and fly the bird at any team, driver, or car manufacturer that you don’t like.
6. Our last 6 races have all had 8+ hour long tailgates….do people tailgate for baseball?
7. Cops are very cool at the races….open containers are ok!
8. A burn out is way cooler to watch than two dudes slapping each other on the rear.
9. You can get a turkey leg at the track which is far more superior than a $5 hotdog.
10. Did we mention you can bring all of the alcohol you can carry into the race?

Now, we will admit that without having a driver to pull for, the race can seem like a 4 hour left hand turn. To remedy this, try picking a driver that you like and follow him throughout the race. There are multiple ways you can do this such as picking they guy who drives for your favorite beer or the Viagra car if you take it. It is not a coincidence that one of the premier drivers Jeff Burton shares the name with one of the premier companies in the world…Burton.The bottom line is, once you actually take the time to watch and understand a race, you will realize that Nascar is off the hook!

* We have to admit, we have seen many people passed out at races but due to alcohol consumption but never boredom.