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Vintage Blogosphere: Wonkette and the Washingtonienne September 1, 2006

Wonkette and the WashingtonienneThe Wonkette-Washingtonienne Capital Hill sex scandal from 2004 is so totally over, it’s not even funny. But we’re thinking there might be a few more miles left in this dead horse, perhaps an even more scandalous facet that remains undiscovered.

Ana Marie Cox could possibly have been the most entertaining blogger on the planet. Sadly though, the original Wonkette, renowned for sly humor and ass-fucking jokes, left the blogosphere for a much more legitimate gig as the Washington Bureau editor for Time magazine. Since having no soul or integrity are essential characteristics of great writers, we can hardly be mad about the move, we’re just more sad than anything else. Reading Ana in Time is like hanging out playing Parcheesi with an old frat buddy who is now sober with children. It sucks.

This is how we found ourselves digging through archival Wonkette entries from Cox’s piece de resistance: outing Jessica “Washingtonienne” Cutler.