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Snowboard Video Roundup December 17, 2006

It’s on. The snowboard season is finally fucking on. To prep for this season’s snowboard mayhem, we picked up copies of three of the new crop of of
snowboard videos, Mack Dawg Production’s Follow Me Around, Absinthe Film’s More, and That, the Forum Team video. There are many more great films out there, but these are the three we got first, and definitely all of ‘em are worth owning. But in case you are rocking the Ramen budget, here’s a handy guide to help you decide which to pick up first.

Follow Me Around That More
Reasonable? Completly unfucking reasonable.
Andres Wiig throws a back rodeo 7 off a 9 million foot cliff onto an avalanche prone 62.5% pitch. It defies logic and reason.
Beyond Reason.
Eddie “Titanuimspine” Wall, drops 113 feet onto a flat landing. It’s crunchtastic.
Totally Unreasonable.
Travis Rice and his gyroscopic brain? Nico Mueller, MFM, and Droz? Yes, please.
Soundtrack Questionable. We completely sweat Mack Dawg soundtracks, with their ability to resurrect dead soldier songs; except, this one might have gone too far. Out of the gate, we were bombarded with Chicago. With tasty cuts from Wolfmother and NOFX, we were almost back into it, but then inexplicably MDP decides to skewer their audienace and pollute Eero Etala’s part with Dexy’s Midnight Rider’s “Come on Eileen.” Assholes. Solid. Shit we know and new shit that we are now stoked on. Ridonkulous. Somehow, the Absinthe guys are music geniuses, digging up incredible classics, overlooked, underplayed, and well-hooked indie favorites, and future pop anthems. Alright.
Liner/Extras Who cares? A forum catalog. Lame.totally.lame Some assy CD that we’ll never listen to.
What is the Coolest New Style? Eddie Wall
Eddie Wall
Stevie Bell
Stevie Bell

Marco Frank Montoya
Secret Bonus ??? Clever Forum Product Placement You’d have to be really intoxicated to miss ‘em, which has happened to us several times already.
In a Nutshell Eurotastic!! Buy Forum!! Travis Rice

So there it is. Have you seen another film that you think tops one of these? Perhaps the new Standard or TGR flick? Get your comment on below.