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Red Onion Gears Up For Skateboard Season; Rice Wipes Lefty June 22, 2006

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So screw you guys who think that the GR has been weak lately.  There just isn’t enough interesting crap to be writing about during the summer.  We recruited a pair of new rangers to help out as we descended into our post-spring riding withdrawal, but unfortunately, both of ‘em have turn out to be as useless as tits on a boar.

So, for the few of you who HAVE decided to check in lately, you’ve been getting squatty.  Deal with it, we don’t get paid for this, and besides, this blog would suck even worse than it does if everyday we put up a new post about how it sucks when its hot out, how not riding a snowboard sucks, how it sucks that it’s not snowing, etc. 

Flying Red Onion/TomatoOne dude who seems to be moving along just fine without the snowfall is Shaun White, featured yesterday in a decent article in the Washington Post about his transition from full time snowboarder to full time media whore, to full time skateboarder.    Apparently the dude thinks he can win some shit this summer.  We’ll definitely be watching the Summer X Games when they roll around this August, but will likely be paying little attention to Senior Blanco if Danny Way is charging a giant big air ramp again. 

An even more interesting read is the “Ask Travis Rice” feature posted recently on Lib Tech’s Blog.  Rice discusses, among other things, his wiping strategy, losing his Jackson Hole pass, and a few other important existential issues.  We do really like Shaun White, but seriously, it sucks that there isn’t an Olympic event for best air over a giant backcountry booter, because T Rice would win that shit for sure, and then he’d be all over our TV and newspapers too. 

Alright kids, that’s it for now.  We do promise some more content in the near future — we are working on a snowboarder’s guide to Las Vegas as well longboard review for summertime which may or may not be completed by the fall.  Keep in mind that a promise from the GR is about as meaningful as a wink from a Las Vegas stripper.


1. Martin Prince - June 23, 2006

More gonzo posts, more gonzo posts; hang those who speak of less!