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Something Monumental July 13, 2006

Something Monumental

We were reading a snowboard magazine recently and came across Monument Snowboards that had contact information for the company someplace in the Nation’s capital. Since we have a Ranger in the area for a while, we’d like to know more about them.

Has any of our reader/riders heard of or ridden one of Monument’s boads before? Hit us up with some comments if got any scoop on them. If we hear anything, we’ll report it back.


1. KC - July 13, 2006

One of the company’s riders, Jeremy Cline aka Def Jam is a Massanutten, VA local and at least one of the GR has ridden with him in person at the Nut. He’s super nice and has one of the dopest backside nose slides I’ve ever witnessed.

2. G-funk - September 26, 2006

JIC you’re in the area, or have any operatives about…

October 14th: Monument Snowboards Fall Party
@ Dr. Dremo’s
Arlington, VA

21 and over, no cover.

9:00 pm: Monument Snowboards Team Video Premiere
9:30 pm: Geno Shaffer Acoustic Set
10:15 pm: Monument Snowboards Team Video Premiere (2nd showing)
10:30ish pm: Official (officialmusic.com)

Come watch our team video premiere and meet the Monument Snowboards crew. Come and meet other riders in the area… We will raffle off some sample boards and Monument Snowboard t-shirts will be on sale from 8-9pm only ($15 so bring some cash)!

November 24th: Monument Snowboards Opening Season Party
Rock and Roll Hotel
Washington, DC

more details to come.

3. dave - October 13, 2006

Hey everyone…
Just to let you all know… we are giving away three boards during the premiere. It’s not posted on any of the online flyers, or stressed in any of my messages to everyone. No raffle tickets this year. I am going to post three envelopes around the bar that will contain a piece of paper stating that you are one of the lucky three. The winners will pick their board from the samples of boards that we have. Something different that we have not done before.

So I’ve been telling people to get there at 8ish to hang out, and obviously the earlier you get there, the more of a chance you’ll get to win a board. and not look as funny as you are looking through every nook and cranny of the bar for the envelopes.

This will be my last message in regards to the party, I know I’ve sent alot, so hopefully you can pass this along to your friends. Premiere will play at 9 and encore at 10, so come check out Gel Music and Official perform as well, as they are both in the video.

no cover. just come in, get a beer, and come towards the back to hang out with us.