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Darren Appears at a Newstand Near You July 21, 2006

As we mentioned yesterday, the Darrenator has now been immortalized in print. Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown at the New York Daily News dishes the scoop — most of which is weeks old news. One new development is that he quotes a JDate spokesman as saying that Big Daddy D has been suspended. There’s also this bit which is hilarious:

Sherman’s smiling snapshot on JDate — where he variously employed the user names “Cute­TallFunny,” “CuteTallFit” and “SexyTallWitty” — gave no hint of his jaw-dropping chutzpah.

Grove was also able to get the elusive Darrenator on the phone:

Yesterday Sherman told Lowdown: “The whole thing is a hoax. … Please do not contact me again via phone or E-mail. Keep my name out of this. Don’t interrupt me. … Goodbye.” And hung up.

Yep! That sounds like the Darrenator alright!! OK, can everyone stop emailing us now that this whole thing “might be a hoax”? For your listening enjoyment, here’s the original five Darrenator voicemails again:

Darren the Stalker

Darren the Stalker: The Darrenator Returns

Darren: Now with Extra Sketchiness

Darren the Gentleman

Look at me!! I called The China Grill!

Update: a gonzo rangers operative just got off the phone with Joanne, and she did get a visit from the FBI. Apparently, they were following up on a complaint filed by Darren regarding a “threatening” email that he received. According to Joanne, Darren claimed it may have been her — the irony here of Darren accusing Joanne of threatening him is just too fucking rich. She also says the FBI did read our blog, and the image of several feds dressed in red ties, navy suits and white short sleeve shirts - possibly with mustaches and possibly not - cruising through our links about the Darrenator and Sean White has had us cracking up all morning. If you’re still reading, cheers mates.

We’re hoping that Darren will grace us with an encore performance in the near future. There may indeed be a few lost Darrenator voicemails, and we’ll publish them if we can get our hands on them. Comments go below or send us mail.


1. Myszka - July 21, 2006

This is fun stuff.

2. Johnny Studebaker - July 21, 2006

all the hard work has paid off

3. Peter - July 21, 2006

Props to Gonzo for breaking this!

4. The zombie John Lennon - July 21, 2006

who drinks bloody foockin wine with Chinese food?

5. stones - July 22, 2006

A reisling or gewurtz is money with chinese. What’s the deal with prdifferently getting credit from the daily news for breaking this story? I know you guys found it somewhere else as well, but prdifferently didn’t post until july 17th. Thanks for the entertainment chodeo and the other guy (not sure what your alias is).

6. Pea - July 22, 2006

I am in love with you guys for posting this. Considering the grand abyss of wonderful and educated, not to mention successful, men in this city, it is no doubt that treating a lady to an memorable evening out is germane - in order to stand above the rest, that is. Many times trying should be expected, not reimbursed.

7. Anonymous - July 24, 2006

This guy needs to be in a psychiatric inpatient unit.

8. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

The operators of this website are acting very silly. The site operators really need to clean up their blog. In their own words this “might be a hoax”. Do they know if these pictures are real? Do they need to have this poor guys pictures posted? They should take them down and really clean up their site.

9. Chodeo - July 25, 2006

Hey #8 — we wrote that it “might be a hoax” weeks ago when it really might have been a hoax. Since then, maybe you missed “This is No Hoax” where we confirmed the whole thing; and maybe you failed to read this entry where it gets re-confirmed by the NY Daily News. Even snopes has updated their entry to confirm the current happenings as very real. (http://www.snopes.com/love/revenge/paydate.asp)

Finally, the pictures are fucking sweet. So, WTF needs to be “cleaned up”? Maybe you should go back to Russia.

10. Adolph Oliver Bush - July 25, 2006

Darren says the FBI monitors the internet….I think they communicate with him through the fillings in his teeth.

“Sue them Darren,..Issue summonses….they are mocking you Darren,….Issue your summonses…..”

more fun soon.


11. J.Morrison - July 25, 2006

Oh Gawd….I have been laughing my ass off reading this whole train wreck. Darren Sherman, I salute you (no, really!) for providing me with such a welcome diversion. You’re a complete douchebag, but what the hell…you’re also funny as hell. Please, don’t ever change!

12. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

Funny stuff. I was so inspired by it all that I wrote a song about Darren — it’s called “Do the Right Thing.” Check it out here … www.myspace.com/dkraut

13. mira - September 15, 2006

I am so fed up with jdate that I made this tribute to it.

14. pf.org - September 21, 2006

At Least He Got His 15 Minutes….

Darren Sherman is famous for all the wrong reasons…….

15. dan - October 17, 2006

Similar to the Darrenator,
Dorito’s Commercial Contest


16. Betsy - August 23, 2007

I just heard about this today from a friend. And it completely tripped me out!!!

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