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Save Snowboard Magazine July 24, 2006

Snowboard MagWhen we were 13 year old grommet snowboarders making our parents drive us up to the mountain every weekend, we sweated every page of every copy of TWSnow magazine. We loved that shit like fat kids love cake (yeah, we know what you’re thinking- Fuck off, so we were fat too, who cares?) All the full page, full color ads that were nothing but sick pictures with taglines like “If you smoke, please try Burton.” That shit was tight!

Then, we grew up. We actually wanted info about resorts, vertical drop, sweet places to in Europe to ride where the ski areas didn’t slap us into handcuffs for poaching fresh tracks on the “skier’s only” trail. We wanted inside scoop on the latest product and we wanted to read articles on why Matty Ryan is such a fucking punk and how rich Shaun White is now.

Enter Snowboard Mag. We were graciously hooked up with a subscription after attending the best snowboard event ever, the US Open, last March. Thinking it was a subscription to the pimple-popper, grommet rag TW Snowboarding, we tossed the mag in the bathroom next to the shit tickets, thinking about using it as TP, or maybe to line the cage of the GR mascot, “Dubs” the guiena pig. Damn, what a surprise we had when someone stole the Victoria’s Secret catalog out of the crapper and we actually opened up the Snowboard Mag and started reading. This mag was full of useful info and was written by riders and industry hardcores that we used to idolize back in the day when we didn’t care what we were reading as long as it had boobs or booters in it.

These guys are gonzo tight real, and now they’re going to get shut down. Evidently, they can’t compete with the big budget, Time-Warner owned TW Snow and their investors are pulling out on them. So, here’s your chance to hook a brother up. Check out their website and see what you can do to help them out. Whatever you do, stay away from Snowboarder Buyers Guide that we just bought by Pavlovian newstand response; it’s just a 200 page advertisement, and it really fucking hurts when used as TP. In the words of the Darrenator, “Do the right thing.”


1. Tenacious B - July 25, 2006

Dude, this is not good news ………..

2. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

Time Warner sucks balls.

3. Tenacious B - July 28, 2006

Looks like the lights are back on! Long live GFunk! http://www.snowboard-mag.com/node/13063

4. g-funk - August 1, 2006

More info released: