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Rider’s Block January 16, 2007

In life, there’s few certainties, and many speculations. For example, a certainty might sound like
Winter on the east coast has been the crappiest in 25 years, and this sucks giant donkey balls,
while you could speculate that
The weather patterns have turned, and soon it will be winter as long as you do a snow dance!
or that
The planet is warming, and this is bad. You could also just roll with Can I cab 180 over that rocky mud patch there?


Either way, when your current certainties suck, speculating is lame. And boring. What isn’t boring is The Block TV Show, a reality series about the Block Hotel, a Tahoe snowboarder haven founded by Marco Frank Montoya, the quintessential rider warrior columnist, and Liko Smith, a Las Vegas hotel chieftain of sorts.

The question is — can G4 TV actually show us the real Lake Tahoe? The answer is — Tahoe soldiers boardsliding to their death down a large and steep metal staircase with a flat landing covered in 3 inches of snow, just for the chance at a free snowboard and a shot at another contest sponsored by The Block. Regardless of the drugs, sex and snowboarding so explicitly present in the adverts for coming episodes, we’re thinking that we’ll continue watching this shit.

Seen it? Holla below.


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