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Nomenclature Science January 30, 2006

Check it — there were some really exciting developments over the weekend. Most of these developments were related to the X games and we are dying to talk about them, but our editor is forcing us to address more pressing issues first.

What could be more pressing than the X-games or gushing about how sweet Travis Rice is?

We got a steezy new name for the blog, yo! We are now officially Gonzo Rangers. That way everyone will know that in addition to having mad sword fighting and wilderness survival skills like Aragorn son of Arathorn, we are also representing straight Gonzo style like the late, great Hunter S. Thompson. That’s just how we get down.

What do you think? Drop us some comments, dog.

Also, we have a new domain name — now you can hook it up directly at www.gonzorangers.com. Try it out, it’s fun and it will make our Google Analytics numbers look sweeter.


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