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Punxsutawney Phil: Winter is Fabulous! February 2, 2006

So, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted another 6 weeks of winter. That little bitch better be right, because those of us stuck on the eastside are tired of riding mud covered trails and generally living through the what has been the lamest January ever.

You Go Girl!Phil also had another Groundhog day surprise: he stunned the world by announcing that he was coming out of the closet. The locals at Gobbler’s Knob were so excited that they threw a huge gay rager and stayed up all night doing the YMCA. Dude, we don’t make this shit up, we just report it straight gonzo style.

Rick Santorum could not be reached for comment, but we’re pretty sure that he’s really pissed off.


1. Jay - February 3, 2006

That’s it? That’s all you got? Couldn’t you have come up some correlation between hot gay man sex and global warming? I don’t know who this Rick guy is, but hot gay man sex making winter so warm sure seems alot funnier to me. Ok, I’ll “get my own blog” now…..