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The Real Bachelor…Yeah Boy!!!!!!!!!! February 3, 2006

So all of the ladies have been yacking it up about the Bachelor this season. Apparently he is in France and it is so romantic and blah blah blah….well, don’t believe the hype. The real deal this season is the Flavor of Love with none other than our favorite walking clock, Flavor Flav. VH1 has brought the noise with this masterful combination of rich emotional drama meets skank fest and it’s no joke.

Flavor Flav in the house! Flavor proves he got game as he tries to find who will be the next Mrs. Flav. At the end of each episode, instead of a lame rose, each lady (we use that term loosely) gets a sweet wall clock necklace so they know “what time it is.” As the season has progressed, the contestants go to Flav to backstab each other and he soon learns that he can’t truss it. You get to see how he chooses to fight the power to have a good time.

We strongly recommend you watch the Flavor of Love. You can watch that other show, cry, and be lame…….we try to help you all we can but we can’t do nothing for you man.


1. danielle - February 6, 2006

hilarious!! I heard they go to Red Lobster for one of the dates and something about new gold teeth.

2. J Lough - February 6, 2006

and one of the challenges was a fried chicken bake off!
I love television.