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Olympics Drop on Sunday February 8, 2006

Alright… enough about cartoon violence. Olympic snowboarding drops this weekend and we are really stoked. More accurately, partly stoked, and partly nervous.

Why are we nervous? Not because we are worrying about whether or not Shaun White will get defeated or if Seth Wescott will get the hole shot. We are nervous because NBC could seriously, seriously fuck up the coverage, and that would suck if it happens. We want to see Olympic snowboarding, and have little interest in waiting around through the men’s curling finals or sob stories about how some Finnish curler who has gout but competes hard anyway, just to see brief highlights of Shaun White’s medal winning run.

Actually, we can deal with the sob stories and men’s curling, as long as they show the entire contest. We’ll see what happens. Either way, here’s an idea of when you should be watching to get the snowboard goods*:

Sunday, 2/12 — Men’s Halfpipe. White, Kass, Finch, and Aguirre are hungry for another sweep. Watch out for Finn Antti Autti and possibly the 1260. This contest will be off the hook. Coverage begins at 7 PM EST on NBC, and will also include Men’s downhill (Drunken Bode Miller, yay!), ski jumping, and luge.

Monday, 2/13 — Women’s Halfpipe. Another really strong American team with the possibility of a sweep. Teter vs. Bleiler is always exciting, but Aussie Torah Bright will try to creep on in there. Coverage starts at 8 PM EST, but you’ll have to sit through Figure Skating and Speed Skating. TiVo sounds like a really good plan — that way you can skip through Kelly Clark’s singing, too.

Boarder X:  No 1080s Here.Thursday, 2/16 — Men’s Boarder X. A strong men’s field includes Seth Wescott and Nate Holland, who will be battling with Frenchie Xavier Delarue. You can catch it live on USA at 6 AM, or melodrama-ridden on NBC at 8 PM. The primetime coverage will also include healthy doses of speed and figure skating, which is fabulous for those of you that like your snowboarding fla-ming.

Friday, 2/17 — Women’s Boarder X. Unstoppable hottie Lindsay Jacobellis will be whooping euro ass on USA, live at 4 AM, and later that night during NBC’s primetime coverage at 8 PM. TiVo is a necessity for the live coverage — even if you are still up then, you want to be able to fast forward through the women’s curling

Wednesday, 2/22 and Thursday 2/23 — Men’s and Women’s PGS. Are PGS riders really snowboarders, given that they wear spandex and hard boots? We intend to find out.

Notice how the organizers have arranged the snowboard events in descending order of sweetness. This should make it easier to gauge how much you’ll need to drink each night to enjoy the coverage. Stay tuned to the GR — we’ll have much more witty insight on the games this week and next.

* Note: Dates & Times may vary. Hit up the NBC site for specific times and coverage in your area, bitches.


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