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Ladies Night in Bardonecchia February 14, 2006

Just like the men, the US women came within a few tenths of a point of performing a complete sweep in the halfpipe yesterday, while walking away with Gold and Silver medals for the USA. This would have been quite an amazing feat, except for the fact that there were only two other riders in the final.

For reals, we thought we were tuning into an international Olympic contest, but NBC decided to nix every non-US athlete except for Aussie hottie Torah Bright and bronze medal winner Kjersti Buaas. Oh, and we did get to see Doriane Vidal in the qualifier, but not in the final. Sigh… we still love NBC though, but kind of in the way that you still love your dog even after it shits on your neighbors rug, because, well, he’s still the only dog you have.

Alright, enough hating on NBC. This is what we have to deal with if we want Mom to ask us about Shaun White the next time we are over there for dinner. So, some love is in order for what was good about ladies night.

Major, major props goes to Hannah Teter for besting Gretchen Bleiler and the rest of the field. Suffering a knee injury that was bad enough to prevent her from attending the opening ceremonies and severely cut into her practice time, she showed major guts when she showed up blasting away huge frontside nines and stomping a line that she had barely practiced all week. What most impressed us, however, was her victory lap. Teter had to be aware that her first run wasn’t substantially better than Bleiler’s, so rather than cheesing it up for the crowd on her second run like Shaun White had done the day before, Teter put the hammer down and went huge. There should be no doubt that yesterday, Teter was the best.

Not to be confused with Kelly ClarksonKelly Clark also turned in an extra gutsy performance. Her last run would have been a medal winner with an easy straight air on her last hit. Instead, she boosted a HUGE frontside 9 (we’re still wondering if she was looking for the 1080 she was reportedly practicing.) If she hadn’t washed out on the landing, that run would have hands down won the gold medal. Nice job, Kelly, now please stop singing before you drop in.

In other Olympic news, Bode “Mumford” Miller is continuing his streak of totally fucking up at the Olympics, having been disqualified from the combine today for straddling a gate. Also, USA snowboard cross team member Jayson Hale was injured in practice and won’t compete on Thursday. The silver lining here is that at least we won’t have to hear the NBC commentators drone on and on about the potential for another American sweep. Sweeping at the Olympics is so 2002 anyway.


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