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Snowboarding… an Olympic Sport!? February 15, 2006

An anonymous heckler comments:

My only point of ‘marvel’ was that it’s been called a sport and even worse that snowboarding is considered an Olympic sport.

What a bunch of crap! The Olympics are for athletes

Really, you’ve got a valid point, Mr. or Mrs. Anon. We also prefer the much more athletic Olympic sports, such as curling, synchronized swimming, figure skating, table tennis, and rhythmic gymnastics.

Anyway, we’re sorry you feel that way about snowboarding. We’d encourage you to give it a try on your own, except that we think the instructor who wrote in earlier may have a really good point… some people are better off sticking to bowling or competitive eating.

Either way, thanks for the anonymous comments. At the GR, we love anonymous comments because we believe in freedom and we love chaos. We will never EVER turn off anonymous commenting*, unlike the wussier blogs in Cyberspace.

* Unless we really want to, because we believe in freedom. See how this freedom thing works? Kinda cool, huh? Comments go below, or send us mail, bitches.


1. stones - February 16, 2006

The anonymous heckler must be a representative of the National Badmitton association representing a sport best played by my drunk uncle at Family Reunions.

2. Anonymous - February 27, 2006

The heckler dude should seriously get a life. Who is he to say that snowboarding isn’t a sport? Just cause it’s not a traditional sport, like skiing, if enormous amounts of people around the world practice the sport, it should be Olympic. Tard.

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