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Get up! Get up! Get Down! Flavor Flav is No Joke! February 16, 2006

In our quest to stay on top of our main man Flavor Flav’s drama, we have the weeklyThis guy has it going on! Flavor of Love update.

This weeks episode of Flavor of Love called ‘Intterogitted,’ was shocking with an unplanned double elimination. Apparently, the aptly named contestant Hottie, turned out to be both a liar and a gold digger.

She was even on another reality show called Blind Date where she played some poor joe. They hooked this B up to a lie detector where she lied about everything from her dimensions to her age. We at GR are going to miss her and her crazy ways.


The real shocker was when the ex-stripper with emotional baggage couldn’t get over her ex-husband. The other bitches in the house found out and sold her out lickedy split. With this information in hand, Flav had no choice but to give her the boot.

The Stripper

She is going to be remembered most for her umm……pole dancing.


1. alia - March 2, 2006

is new york leavin

2. tia - February 17, 2007

bitch how the fouc you have doubble d brest bitch

3. G-rag - March 24, 2007

lol she lied about everything

4. flavaaaflavhata - November 13, 2007

those girls are nuts as hell those bitches so ugley