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Superbowl XL… Phfffffft January 24, 2006

Seriously, we love Superbowl ExtraLarge like a fat kid love cake and all, but with the Skins out of the playoffs, the two weeks of hype is a little much.

This week is all about the Winter X-games. Things get rolling in Aspen, CO on Saturday afternoon. Make sure to set your DVR or park your butt on a couch or barstool for these events:

Snowboarder X Men’s & Women’s Final: Saturday 2 PM - 4PM (ABC)
Snowboard Slopestyle Men’s Final: Saturday 5 PM - 6 PM (ABC)
Snowboard Superpipe Women’s Finals: Saturday 9 PM - 11 PM (ESPN)
Snowboard Superpie Men’s Finals: Monday 9PM — 11 PM (ESPN)

An added Bonus for watching the Women’s pipe final is that it will be shown in conjunction with the Men’s Moto X best trick, which is awesome to watch if you like seeing people get horribly mangled and disfigured.

There’s some skiing events on at some point too.

At the beav, we’re really stoked that ESPN will be again hooking up the live coverage. We’re NOT as excited about the fact that on Monday and Tuesday nights, they’ll be continuing the tradition of capping off coverage with live broadcasts from the 11 PM Sportscenter. It just doesn’t feel right to hear Linda Cohn drop science about Steve Fisher’s cab 1080 technique. Plus, when Shaun White is about to put the hammer down on his final run, the last thing we want to hear is whether or not Golden State lost to Sacremento. It probably pisses off Kings fans too.

Update: According to TV guide and my DVR, Snowboarder X and the slopestyle contest will all be shown from 4-6 PM on Saturday on ABC, not 2-4 and 5-6 as originally scheduled. Plan accordingly, bitches.


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