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Wescott Offense February 17, 2006

The ChugachLast nights coverage of the snowboard cross competition was so amazing that we are still shaking.  It had all of the right components of an epic athletic contest:  danger, speed, random misfortune, betrayal,  evil strategery, and TRIUMPH. 

Bob Costas seems like he is finally starting to understand the sport, and NBC opted for action over melodrama in the obligatory athlete background segment, which featured Seth Wescott ripping across the sunny, rugged, powder laden Chugach mountains of Alaska, set to a medley of these live Pearl Jam cuts:  Man of the Hour, Corduroy, Immortality > Breath > Man of the Hour.  Hell yeah, NBC!

America! Fuck Yeah!If you missed the coverage of the men’s SBX, you missed a bit of history — Wescott’s maneuvering in the final heat was part Jeff Burton, part Tony Hawk, and part Napoleon Bonaparte; his charge to the gold medal was an unwavering cry of freedom.  Put your work aside today, and join us on NBC’s Olympic web site where you can watch the men’s SBX contest over and over again.

The women’s SBX will be shown during tonight’s primetime coverage, for those of you who didn’t stay up until 6 AM to see the live broadcast.  Of course, if you happen to be reading anything else on the Internet besides the GR, you already know what happens, but we still think it will be a good show.


1. jason - February 18, 2006

I think it’s time to get rid of those athlete background segments entirely. Less talk, more rock.