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They are on a world tour with mic in their hands…… February 21, 2006

Shaun White and Hannah Teter are continuing to bask in the tomato not in flight media spotlight after their gold medal wins. Check out the shows below: (source: #31 Cingular Wireless Chevy Jeff Burton)

Tuesday 2.21
Free FM “David Lee Roth Show” - 7:00 am Shaun live interview
“Martha” - 11:00 am Hannah interview and granola making with Teter family Syrup
“Fox News Live” - 1:30 pm
Hannah live appearance and interview
AOL Sports Radio - 3:00 pm Shaun interview
MSNBC “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” - Between 4:30 and 5:00 pm Hannah on live NBC
“Olympic Zone with Jane Hanson” - 7:00 pm Shaun interview
ESPN Classic “Now” - 7:00 pm Shaun interview to air
Fox Sports Radio - 7:30 pm Shaun interview

Wednesday 2.22
“Fox and Friends” - 7:30 am Hannah interview live
“Martha” - 11:00 am Shaun interview on Martha MTV
“TRL” - 3:30 pm Shaun and Hannah live walk-on

Thursday 2.23
“Tonight Show with Jay Leno” - Hannah appearance - confirmation and details coming soon


1. Chodeo - February 21, 2006

The resemblance in photo there is uncanny.