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Cohen and White Gear Up for Gold Medal Romp February 22, 2006

The White-Cohen saga continues.  Everyone from Bob Costas to the semi-literate ranch hands at USA Today have been asking about it, and today, Sasha Cohen had a response to Shaun White’s trifles. 

  Mmmmm... Cohen Mmmmm... Gold

“I did hear what he said, but I’ve not seen him,” said Cohen. “I think the skiers probably stay in a different village up in the mountains. But I’ll probably see him at closing ceremonies.”

Note the bit about skiers.  Cohen is either really stoned, really dumb, or concentrating really, really, hard on winning a gold medal of her own. Suprising, given how down to earth and unassming she usually is. 

We are certain of one thing.  If they spawned a child, it’s giant ego would be rivalled only by the size of its crippler 1440s.

On an unrelated note, a new Ranger may soon be in the mix… one who has been lurking in the underbellly of the GR, feeding us vital industry information and is just about ready to step forth and snatch victory from the jaws of the blogosphere. 

Update: Cohen missed practice today… White is still in Torino. Coincidence?

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