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Winter X Drinking Games January 25, 2006

Here at the beav we love to drink beer almost as much as we love snowboarding, so in honor of both, we’ve come up with a nifty drinking game for this year’s winter X.

Here’s how it works. Grab a case of beer and some friends (optional), sit yourself in front of the TV on Saturday afternoon, and then follow the instructions below. If things go well, Seth Meyers will actually seem funny by the time SNL comes on at 11:30.

Take one drink:

  • Anytime someone says “steez.”
  • Whenever Sal Masekela gets really fired up.
  • If anyone lands a frontside 1080.
  • If Shaun White is interviewed while wearing a t-shirt sleeve or bandana over his face.
  • Take two drinks:

  • If anything is described as “burly.”
  • If Kelly Clark’s busted mug is put on TV.
  • If Hannah Teter says anything that makes absolutely no sense.
  • Whenever Todd Richards talks about how old he is. (”Dude! I’m 35!!!”)
  • Finish your drink:

  • Everytime they show a replay of Brian Deegan’s Moto X crash from 2004.
  • If Travis Rice (or anyone else) lands anything double inverted.
  • When Keir Dillon or Kelly Clark discuss “riding for Jesus.”
  • Finally, if any Olympic athlete gets hurt, chug two beers. Three beers if it’s Andy Finch.

    Update: We got our riders mixed up. Luke Wynen rides for Jesus, not Keir Dillon. More info on this from Yo Beat.


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