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A Salute To March March 1, 2006

Fuck Yeah! It’s officially March, otherwise know as THE BEST MONTH EVER.

In most places, it means sunny, warm weather, more hours of sunshine, and the occasional overnight dump or monster storm. March is all about off the hook park riding, terrific back country conditions, and legendary, cancer-inducing goggle tans. Resort towns everywhere will be overrun by the giant spring break party, which might chafe the locals, except that it’s hard to be chafed when your usually sausage infested town is all of a sudden filled to capacity with 18-22 year old hotties.

There’s just too many reasons to get stoked on March if you ride a snowboard. Oh… and sorry for the lack of posts lately. The man has been keeping us down with a lot of shit lately, but fuck him, we’ll get ours when we use about 15 sick days over the next 4-5 weeks.

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1. Tenacious B - March 1, 2006

Isn’t March the beginning of the 2006 Gonzo Ranger World Tour?

2. Tommy OC - March 1, 2006

March also has Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s day… hot chicks with beads and drinking green beer mean March rules.

3. jeannie - March 2, 2006

if i was a teacher i would wear a wooden leprechaun necklace every day in the month of march.