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Another one bites the dust……and a camera March 2, 2006

Cat FightWe hate to be brining up old shit but we have been sleeping on the Flavor of Love. Last week, we were fortunate to witness a violent cat fight of an elimination ceremony. When Flav called out Pumpkin, she lost her shit and spit in the face of New York who in turn pushed her into a camera. Pumpkin got ruled. TV does not get any better than that.

Crazy New York

Alia has asked us if New York is heading out the door. That is a tough question but the answer is yes. The reason is simpleā€¦..from all the promos, it seems that New York will give up the goods to Flav. Game Match Set! Like all normal men, Flav wants what he has yet to have.
New York is also a whack job! Thanks for the question Alia.

Who do you think will get to freak the funk with Flavor when all is said and done?


1. Tommy OC - March 6, 2006

To see the fight, check out http://www.break.com/index/flavorcatfight.html.