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At the top of the mountain, we are all snow leopards March 8, 2006

Careful, man, this is Bat CountryUsually, the articles in ski town local papers are pretty lame, and limited strictly to stories about fat tourists dying and local high schoolers competing in largely irrelevant contests. Everyone once in a while though, they print a total gem, like this one from last week’s Aspen Times about a crew of Aspen locals who set off to build an off-piste memorial to Hunter S. Thompson on the anniversary of his death.

The article reminds us of how ridiculously awesome it is to live in a ski town. Money Quote:

“Should we set off some explosives?” someone asked. An air horn sufficed for the time being.

An American flag was strung between two trunks, as were Tibetan prayer flags. Nearby, a man hooked up a solar panel to power an “eternal blinking light,” he said (an eternal flame in the woods not being a good idea). More marijuana was smoked. The long-term batteries for the light were lost, but the man made do with standard ones that will have to be replaced more often.

We would joke these guys, but shit, how can you? How awesome is it to get up in the morning, possibly on your day off and possibly every day is off for you, and set out to ride into the woods to pay tribute to one of the century’s greatest counter-cultural icons?

That’s right. Pretty fucking awesome. Yeah, you have to worry about being able to afford your next Ramen dinner, and you deal with the occasional eviction or repo crew, but all in all the ski bum life is the bomb.


1. Lizzy - May 30, 2006

as HST said, “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours”