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Even Worse than the beav January 26, 2006

Check it — at the beav, we do a lot of research on the ole intraweb to make sure you get the goods. Unfortunately, there are inherent hazards in this. Consider, for example, this 2006 Olympic blog that we keep running into while traversing the Blogosphere in search of a scoop.

It’s a terrific find if you are a 55 year old reading at a 3rd grade level and want info on the Olympics. Otherwise, it blows. Check out a nugget from this entry:

I can see how snowboarding is a challenging sport. But I still don’t know if I buy it as an Olympics [sic] sport. If inline skaters have to become ice speed skaters to participate in the Olympics, maybe snowboarders should become skiers. This is probably a sure sign that I’m getting old.

No, it’s a sure sign that you are fucking lame.

Whatever. Since we’re nice guys at the beav, we’re going to hook Ms. Genius Blogger up with a free blog entry that she can use to preview the Olympic women’s snowboard X.

Lindsey Jacobellis is a snowboarder. She is very fast. She has curly hair. She likes cats. Do you like cats? Lindsey is in a TV commercial for Visa. Do you like TV? Go, Lindsey, go!

Be careful, it’s sketchy out there in cyberspace, joes.


1. B-Higgins - January 26, 2006

Is the Olympics going to drug test the “Snowboarders” this year ?
I sure hope they do because by the looks of these so-called “Boarders” they are all on DRUGS. HEAVY DRUGS !

A faithful two clanker !

SKING RULES ! Whatever happened to the days when we would not let those snowboarding kids in our ski parks ???