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Is anything better than a good snowboarding injury? March 17, 2006

What a dumb question. Lots of shit is better than a snowboarding injury, like stomping your first boardslide, hucking yourself off a cliff on a powder day, or that bottomless feeling in your nutsack that you get when you bomb off a roller and realize that there was a slight miscalculation about how much air you planned to get.

Injury is part of the deal, but we’ve learned to enjoy it, just like a circus performer learns to enjoy the smell of elephant shit.

i am jack's broken armRecently, the Gonzo Rangers team headed off to an undisclosed back woods resort for a long weekend of spring riding and getting all busted up. On the first day, we rolled as a giant snowboard calvary pack, but on the second, our ranks took a casualty, when one of our knights, the Rocket, reached terminal velocity on his deck and them promptly smashed into a 50 year old woman.

i am jack's repaired armThankfully, they can reassemble your broken limbs pretty easily these days, in this case all it took was 13 screws, 2 plates, some saws, a couple of pints of blood, and some needle nose pliers.

Injury is the random ugly dude at your party that doesn’t really know anyone else but who showed up because he works with your girlfriend and overheard her talking about the party at work.  You pretend he’s not hanging out but sooner or later you have to acknowledge him, especially if he gets drunk and starts singing show tunes. Still, you try not to let him ruin an otherwise good time.

GashyWe are certain about one thing. Injury is singularly the only good reason for not being out riding right now. Any other excuse; work, school, hangover, whatever; is just weak sauce when you consider that the guy with this gash is sitting in his old navy boxers, nursing his wounds, and silently knowing that it’s March and he’s not out spring riding in the sunshine.Navy:  Accelerate your life

Comments, or more gory snowboard pics to send us? Mail them in, and we’ll pour out a front 3 for you, homie.


1. Anonymous - March 17, 2006

I hate random ugly dudes as much as I hate injuries. I also think everyone has a number…..somtimes it comes up.

2. Tommy OC - April 1, 2006

Holt, is that you? I heard you had a nasty one. Please tell me the pliers were a ghoulish embellishment…. Hope you heal fast brother,

3. g-funk - April 19, 2006

i heard you’ve got some video of some no talent ass clown breaking his leg at Killington…let’s see it