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the beav’s Search for Meaning January 26, 2006

Our audience has posed some interesting existentialist questions to us this week. Some people want to know why there’s no link to email us. Some want to know if we are going to write about anything else besides snowboarding. Others wonder why we call it the beav, or indeed, what is the real meaning and purpose of the site? One reader asks, aren’t all snowboarders just useless stoners? Finally, people want to know why we are so mean to Kelly Clark.

The answers are: We’re working on it so in the meantime leave us comments bitches, yes, it’s a secret, give us gifts, for sure, and because gold medal or not, she is one fucking ugly woman and we hate how she sometimes sings along out loud to her iPod before she drops in.

For reals though, this isn’t just a blog about snowboarding, there’s just so much to write about in the snowboard world right now with the X-games and Olympics and all. To boot, the MSM and bloggers who are covering it for the most part really suck so the beav is stepping up. Once things settle down in that department, we’ll move on to doing what we intended to do from the start: spewing radical invective so controversial and extreme that no one affiliated with the beav will be legally employable by the US government.

OK, OK, we kid again. Really, the answer is gifts, bitches, gifts.


1. -courtney- - June 19, 2006

hmmm… i would think that one who appreciates snowboarding as much as you seem to might have a little more respect for a woman who is really pushing the limits in the sport. i’m just sayin’…

haven’t i heard you singing aloud to your ipod once or twice? perhaps while sporting your fancy schmancy giro helmet? wait, maybe i dreamt that.

despite my disappointment in your comments about kelly clark, i give you kudos for your site, that my spouse (the NTAC) just recently turned me on to. i’ve read the whole thing, here’s my comment, now post new stuff already!

2. Anonymous - April 20, 2007

I just want you to know that I think you did a terrific job on this websight.

3. Anonymous - April 25, 2007

Got here and seen your stuff - way to go!

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