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Darrenator Central

Welcome to Darrenator Central.  On this page, you can access the saga of Darrenhood, the mostly unromantic story of Darren, a strapping buck who wooed our protagonist, Joanne, was rejected, and then promptly began stalking her for a $50 dinner date bill. 

This tale of intrigue, wine, and Doing the Right Thing is so exciting that it has taken the world by storm, inspiring a a line of clothing and its own music before landing in the NY Daily News.  It is a cautionary tale for those who would venture into the tumultuous world of JDate, and most importantly, it is a true story.  

Part 1: When Tools Attack

Part 2: The Darrenator Strikes Back

Part 3: The GR Responds

Part 4: This is No Hoax

Part 5: [email protected]

Part 6: Darren Appears at a Newstand Near You

Part 7: Darren’s Encore Performance

The voicemails that started it all:

Darren the Stalker

Darren the Stalker: The Darrenator Returns

Darren: Now with Extra Sketchiness

Darren the Gentleman

Look at me!! I called The China Grill!