An Incredible Inspiration: An American Teenager Conquers The 7 Summits

Everest_kalapattharWhile most high school students are busy trying to fit in with the popular crowd, or busy trying to make the football team, one California teen managed to conquer the hardest, most dangerous mountains to climb in the world. These mountains, known as the 7 summits, are the highest mountains in each continent, from North America’s McKinley to Asia’s Everest. Yes, Jordan Romero definitely isn’t your average 15 year old. He also happens to hold the world record for the youngest person in history to successfully scale all seven summits.

Since he was 10 years old, Jordan Romero has been a mountaineer along with his climbing team, which consisted of his father and step mom. Together, they have gone to all seven continents, and successfully scaled the highest mountain on each continent. They are a family team that has been able to overcome the most difficult of climates, the highest of mountains, and some of the most dangerous climbing conditions that the world has to offer.

The coolest thing about Jordan Romero is that he also kept record of all of his climbs while he was scaling the mountains. Just reading some of the entries makes people realize some of the close calls Jordan experienced while climbing the 7 summits. People who have witnessed the quick teamwork that he and his family have call it astounding, and it is that outstanding teamwork that kept them alive during some of the more difficult clims. Along with mountaineers around the world, many people who enjoy teamwork find it incredibly inspirational to hear of all the details of each climb from Romero and his family. Definitely, it’s a little bit more inspirational reading than what a normal teenager would typically write.

Perhaps most amazingly, Romero is still surprisingly humble considering his amazing accomplishments, his grand following in the world of mountaineering, his world record, and all of the media coverage that he has received after finishing his tour of the seven summits. He considers his accomplishments as a sign that he was blessed with a lot of opportunities that most others did not have, and he is happy to have shared the memories of scaling the mountains with his family. In other words, Jordan Romero behaves just like your average teenage kid – even though he has accomplished so much in his young life.

Everyone can learn something from Jordan, whether its the determination that he had to have in order to climb all 7 summits, the teamwork that saved him and his family from doom, or the humility in which he carries himself despite all of his accomplishments. His story definitely makes you wonder what more you can do with your life, doesn’t it?

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