Inspiring Facts About Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders are giving aid to those who need it the most, sacrificing their own time and energy for the good of others. Doctors Without Borders are a group of some of the bravest and selfless people in the world. The detailed information about how to spend time in Brisbane -

Doctors Without Borders have a lot of responsibility when they are out in the field. These doctors – including pediatricians, surgeons, and other doctors – are often responsible for maintaining a hospital tent, diagnosing hundreds of patients’ injuries or illnesses each day, and most of the time, living in another country for some amount of time.

Setting up the Doctors Without Borders hospital tent is a 72 hour ordeal of inflating a tent, and filling it with hospital equipment. These doctors see many more patients than a normal doctor sees in the average day, making their job even more challenging. These doctors also have to live in another country, meaning they are separated from their family and friends for the duration of the aid mission. The countries Doctors Without Borders goes into are also sometimes dangerous. Areas affected by natural disaster are dangerous because of structures that are not sound, lack of local food and water, and displaced people. Doctors Without Borders that go into areas that have experienced earthquakes are at risk of being injured from aftershocks as well.

Take a look at past aid missions to understand the immense commitment and courage these doctors have.


An aid mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo is set it start in June 2013. The objective of this aid mission is to take medicine for “sleeping sickness”, a disease that causes insomnia. Sleeping sickness is a problem in this region because it is easily transferred by flies. The biggest challenge with this project is geography. The Doctors Without Borders equipment must be flown in on a small airplane to reach the rural populations that need this medicine. Traveling on the ground is not an option because severe rainfall during the early summer makes rivers harder and more dangerous to cross, and roads will not be in good enough shape for driving. This aid mission is a follow-up to a sleeping sickness aid mission in April 2013. With the Doctors Without Borders, sleeping sickness and other diseases will affect less people, and eventually be exterminated completely.

Doctors Without Borders are inspiring because of their selflessness to serve others, bravery to risk being put in harm’s way, the knowledge to give real aid to suffering peoples, and the judgement to do what must be done for a successful aid mission.

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