Massachusetts Woman Sues Fedex Over Mishandled Marijuana Shipment

The laws about marijuana usage are sticky and hard to figure out, to say the least. Now, one woman has sued FedEx for accidentally shipping a box filled with marijuana to her door, then giving her address to the original intended recipients. Her suit claims that FedEx violated state privacy laws, and potentially put her and her daughter in danger. - Игровые автоматы с выводом денег.

In early to mid February, Maryangela Tobin received the package containing pixie sticks, candles, and a package that “appeared to be potpourri.” She automatically assumed that it was for her daughter’s birthday party, and closed the door.  One could only imagine the shock she felt when a man knocked on her door, demanded the package of marijuana, and waited in an unmarked car until she agreed to hand over the package. Alarmed, she stated that she did not have the box in question, locked her door, and immediately called the police after she realized that the men did not leave.

Though the police did arrest the men who came to her door, she is still shaken by the entire ordeal, and rightfully decided to sue FedEx for breaching her privacy. Moreover, Mrs.Tobin is also worried that she will have to face retribution from the men who knocked on her door due to the fact that they were arrested because of her.

Due to the fact that there is not much more information about the lawsuit, it is difficult to tell who is really to blame for this mess. Did FedEx know that the package contained marijuana? Why did she say that she did not have the package? Why didn’t FedEx just pick the package back up and send it to the right recipients? Only the court will know for sure…



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