The Buried Life: What’s On Your Bucket List?

buried-lifeThe buried life was a reality documentary show featured on MTV. Although it stopped airing at the end of 2011, this show has inspired thousands of people to pursue their own bucket list – the things they want to complete before they die.

The series focused on 4 friends who had decided to travel around the world completing a list of “100 things to do before you die”. They crossed the majority of the items off their list, including playing basketball with Obama. How did they manage to swing that you might ask?

Apparently, Obama was watching TV when he happened to flip through the channels and saw The Buried Life show. The boys were talking about how shooting hoops with the president was on their bucket list. Apparently, Obama called up his aides, and asked “Why haven’t we had the boys from The Buried Life by yet?” It just goes to show how important it is to make your list, and start putting it out there. Yes, there was certainly some serendipity involved in this story. However, if these 4 friends hadn’t been determined to make their dreams come true, it would have never sparked off the incredible chain of events that led to them having their own reality TV show and the opportunity to shoot hoops with the president.

So what’s on your bucket list? Its easy to forget that life is short, and that we need to make the most of the moments we have here on earth. If you don’t actually make a list, how will you know what you’re aiming for?

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