The Transition From WW1 To WW2

Lange-MigrantMother02Both world wars were devastating and the transition from WWI to WWII was a strange experience and somewhat of a limbo period. The original “great war” started in the early 1800’s with the Holy Alliance between Prussia, Russia and Austria. Later in 1873 after a failed negotiation a dual alliance was formed as a defensive grouping between Germany and Austria-Hungary. Just 40 years after this the Austria-Hungary were antagonized by the Russian empire in order to eliminate their influence on the Balkans. This would escalate to the point where conflicts started and the United Kingdom became involved. This was the beginning of the First World War in 1914. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how World War 1 started since it took so long to build up to but this alliance and pressure from the Russians eventually lead to its development.

Communism vs. Fascism was always one of the main points of these wars as Russian and German and Western ideologies all come into play heavily. Communism is focused around each person acting according to their ability and what they can do while having free access to what is needed. Fascism is based around the idea that people can achieve through glory and constant conquest or war.

When World War 1 came to a close there was a lot of remaining tension. Germany was an economic powerhouse and still held many grievances towards the resistance they faced in the original World War. The uprising of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis harbored that hatred and held the beliefs of Fascism close to their hearts. When you start to learn more details about Adolf Hitler you learn that he wasn’t just some uneducated violent leader but was in fact a genius in many ways; he was well educated and a lover of the arts.

The transition from WW1 to WW2 was somewhat expected but no one could possibly have known that World War 2 would escalate to the point it did. Both wars are destined to be remembered forever as two of the most devastating and cruel conflicts in the world’s history.

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